Equine Facilitated Learning

Jo McInnes is a certified Equine Facilitated Learning Instructor and conducts workshops with disability centres, youth justice and one on one sessions.

The survival instincts of horses have given them the ability to read the energy of predators and the
safety of their environment at a micro level this means that horses are able to read your thoughts,
your feelings, and your state of mind. Horses have the uncanny ability to mirror ones beliefs and
intentions. Like the horse, living authentically and congruently is the way to true freedom.

Holistic Equitation will work one on one and in teams with you and our amazing horses to
help develop your natural leadership skills, problem solving abilities, team building,
horsemanship and bring awareness to your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.
Horses model strengths of cooperation over competition, relationship over territory,
responsiveness over strategy, emotion and intuition over logic, process over goals, and the
creative approach to life.

Discover the horseman in you!

Working with horses and people with disability
Simple, clear, conscious requests are what the horse is looking for. Stop, go, backup and turn this way or that, are
examples of simple requests that a human can make of a horse, clearly and consciously. When the horse complies a
thank you in the form of a “Good Boy”, is all that is needed. Horses understand acknowledgement.
The EFL program offered to participants with disabilities is light, fun, enjoyable and empowering. Each person is
offered an experience that is tailored for their individual needs, abilities and confidence.
Appropriate, successful interaction with horses can lead us back to that natural balance because to be successful
with a horse that balance has to be present in the communication. Equine Facilitated Learning supports natural
balance coming forward in all those participating. A natural balance begins to appear when there is consideration,
thoughtfulness, awareness and kindness present in the interaction. ‘Balance’ is another great lesson and attribute
taught by Equine Facilitated Learning.