Green and Ever Green – The Green and Ever Green Horse are horses that may appear to be red as they are anxious and flighty or Purple, nonresponsive. They may definitely have the character traits of a particular personality but it is important to be able to decipher the difference between character traits and an untrained horse.

We don’t analyze the Green horse in the same way we would their personality. Instead we look at how well they are able to do things we ask of them.


To assess the “Green-ness” of your horse we ask how well do they do the following:

Catching/Haltering, Leading, Saddling, Bridling, Grooming, Girthing, Clipping, Worming, Needles, Rugging, Trimming/Shoes, Tying Up, Float Loading, Water Crossing, Bridge Crossing, Traffic, Strange Animals, Strange Objects, Plastic Bags, Jumping, Trot Polls, Jig Jogs, Head Tossing, Snatches Reins, Head Shy, Herd Bound, Anticipates, Dominating, Stays in Gait, Holt/Stopping, Back-up, Transitions, Leg Yielding, Yields to Pressure.

Once you know where your gaps are and the personality of your horse you can then start using the appropriate training strategies to start developing your horse’s education and confidence.

Some horses could be 15 or 20 years old and still have Green tendencies. We call them “Ever Greens”. Unfortunately, these horses have never been given the opportunity to really learn our language as it has not been consistent, so they are confused and often very frustrated.
It would be like going to high school and having each teacher educate you in a different language in each subject before you’ve actually learnt the language. We expect a lot from our equine friends!

Green horses are young uneducated horses that have yet to experience the world of humans and riding and are generally
willing participants. Sometimes the new things are scary so we need to be consistent when building their confidence.